Down to Business



bare front to back

or leave a strip/triangle in the  front 





Teenie Tiny Bikini

panty line strip 

+ small strip inside the panty line 

+between cheeks 

Includes happy trail too



   Just a Bit More

 panty line strip on both sides 

+ small strip inside the panty line

Includes happy trail too




Basic Bikini Line 

panty line strip on sides 

and a line from the top 

includes happy trail too



Full Face

wax 50 sugar 50 

Our Signature Brow "I only want my brows no other service please".

Your brows will be mapped out

to create brows that

compliment your face


Our Signature Brow added to any other service on our menu.

Your brows will be mapped

to create brows that

compliment your face





wax 20  sugar 20

Add on Menu


We offer the below services as add on's. 

These services can be added to any of our signature services above.

You can add-on as many as you would like. 


 wax 10 sugar 14



wax 12  sugar 14

Inner Thigh 

a hand size or so out.

(add on) to any bikini service 


Extended Inner Thigh

a more generous add on to a bikini line

(add on to any bikini service


Lower Half Leg

Offered as an add on to bikini waxes only 

wax 40 sugar 50

Upper Leg

offered as an add on to bikini waxes only 

wax 45 sugar 55

Full Leg Wax 

Legs are offered as an (add on) to bikini waxes only

(we do not sugar full legs)


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Located in Miners Village 

206 Sacramento Street Ste. 304 (upstairs)

Nevada City, California 95959