Exceptional Skills aren't born overnight. It can take years to start feeling like you've got this. There is more than what meets the eye. The easier something looks...well you know the saying.

But you have to start somewhere. 

Sugaring is an art and takes years and many failures to become your best. Sugar is temperamental, it's messy, it's hard work, and not for everyone. You are working with climate control, clients body temperatures, dry skin that can feel like you are starting a lawn mower at the end of the day if you don't properly educate your clients on home care to make you job easier and sometimes clients who have been to other sugaring studios who say it was painful and their results weren't that great. This is where we come in. 

We can help you get a great start by teaching you how to work with sugar. From how to get it out of the jar and keep it in your fingers and prevent it from spilling, proper extraction, and so much more. I believe in being transparent and honest so my students know this basic class is going to take a lot of homework after class and I suggest continued education for life. If you are a hard worker, dedicated, and willing to mess up to become a better licensed professional, then you will love sugar and this class.  It's a completely different world than wax. 

So come in ready to get dirty, feel awkward "at first" and also be excited to be bad at something new. Sugaring is now starting to trend and unfortunately not often taught the way your clients deserve. We want you to be proficient in proper extraction techniques to save your body from repetitive injuries over time, prevent unnecessary discomfort for your clients, prevent hair breakage and so much more. T


If you are a licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist,

lets up your game and get you certified in the ancient art of 

body sugaring for this modern world. 


A good sugarista isn't born overnight. It takes time and patience to become skilled at sugaring. Let's get you on your way so you can Impress your clients and start your journey on becoming proficient and confident in sugaring. Though Sugaring is being offered in many places, we want you to be highly skilled and knowledgeable so you can stand out to your clients.