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You May Not Know you have. 


– Allow hair to grow out for 2-3 weeks or 1/2 inch, whichever is longer. Do NOT trim or buzz.

 The more roots we can pull, the cleaner the wax, and the longer it is going to last.

– If you have low pain tolerance, we recommend asking your doctor if you can take ibuprofen 30-45 mins prior to waxing to minimize discomfort.

– Avoid caffeine or alcohol as it can make your skin more sensitive by a whopping 50%.



– REMEMBER the first time is always the worst time. Regular waxing will reduce discomfort as well as hair growth.

– Do NOT shave between services. For the best long-term results, stay consistent at the beginning with services every  4-6 weeks.

– Avoid heavy exercise for at least 24 hours.

– Avoid hot baths/showers, saunas, sun exposure, and products for the first 24-48 hours.

– Avoid tight-fitting clothes for the first 24-48 hours.


1. Exfoliate - and moisturize, every day between services is key. The only times you don’t want to exfoliate are the day before, the day of, and the day after your Sugaring appointment. Make sure your exfoliator is taking off all your dead skin in-between appointments – if your hair is growing under a layer of dead skin, it is probably time for you to get a new loofah or exfoliating mitt. Exfoliating and moisturizing daily will not only keep skin happy, healthy, and super soft, but it’ll make the sugaring process much easier. Regularly taking off dead skin cells and keeping live skin cells plump and hydrated will help you avoid ingrown hairs and other unsightly irritation.

* do not exfoliate or apply lotion on the day of your service.*

OMG... this going to hurt?

It hurts more the first time than any other time because you are pulling out roughly 80% of the hair, so your nerves are on edge, and you are most likely nervous and don’t know what to expect. You will experience a quick, temporary sting that stops hurting right away. By far the worst part for most people is the anticipation, not the actual removal!  Follow all the tips you will be given to you and you will be fine. Your second time will be so much EASIER! After your first wax, the hair grows back finer and more sparse, becomes less prickly between waxing, and retains its smoothness longer. Also, when you are nervous or going through something our Aerector Pili muscles around the hair contract and make it more painful than necessary. I've only had one person in 2020 in my entire career, who couldn't complete the service. I've been told by seasoned pros and educators in my profession that my services are the least painful they've experienced. A long-time esthetician and Bay Area sugar guru left ME a glowing review on yelp. I love knowing my clients are feeling the love and all the long-time hard work and education I continually invest in, has paid off for you all wanting the best of the best. 

Tanning & hair removal

SHOULD I TAN BEFORE OR AFTER MY SERVICE? It's recommend that you do not tan before or at least 24 hours after. Also, don’t come in with a spray tan because the wax will exfoliate your tan right off! If necessary, it is OK to spray tan after waxing once the waxed area has had a few 24 hours to recover.

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